1.24.2024 - "King of My Own" album by Rise Rashid

1.24.2024 - "King of My Own" album by Rise Rashid

I am so excited to be releasing new music on my birthday 1.24.2024!! 

If you know my history of releasing albums on my birthday then you understand why this is such a special release for me. Even if you don't know the history, click this link, pre-save the album, and be ready to understand the WHY!! 

Click here to Pre-Save "King of My Own" on Apple Music & Spotify.

"King of My Own" is 11 tracks that paint my picture of what it means to rule your own life. Coming up in hip hop and urban culture in general, it's always been popular for many of us to call ourselves "King of..." or "Queen of..". From music to basketball, and fashion to of course the streets, people have always claimed "King of..." 

One of the greatest rap battles in history in my opinion was in 2001 when Jay-Z and Nas traded diss tracks with the famous "Takeover" & "Ether" records. At the root of this battle was 2 artist from New York City, both claiming "King of New York" in the absence of the late great Biggie. Several years later TI caught flack from several southern artist when he self proclaimed himself "King of the South". But all you ever end up with is many kings and queens arguing over who is and who isn't.

So for me, the "of my own" part of my title is what's more important than the "King" claim. It means, I rule what's mine and I'm not concerned with what's yours. No matter whether you look at your religious scriptures, ancient or even modern eras there has never been only one king or queen that rules. We each can be royal in our own respects. But what's most important is the actions of the person who is claiming king or queen.. not the claim it's self.

This album is uptempo, smooth, boastful. humble, thought provoking, relaxed, grounded, and uplifting. All the above. I can't wait to share this album with you all..

Track listing: Featuring Carl Kent Jr, Tonya (formally Tonya Rivers), & Barry Lovell


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