AND THE WINNER IS... Stellar & Teachers like Mrs. Deborah Bane!

AND THE WINNER IS... Stellar & Teachers like Mrs. Deborah Bane!

I want to start by sending a huge shout out to Mrs. Deborah Bane, who was once my co-worker, and before that was my language arts teacher in high school! 

This year she is teaching at EC Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia. Being the great teacher she is, she created an incentive for her students to encourage them to read more and raise their reading level throughout the school year. From what I understand, the students in her class who's reading level increased the most would win the competition. I feel honored that she choose to use my merch as one of the prizes for the winners!!

And the winner is... This young man pictured here.

His name is Stellar!


Stellar improved 3.9 grade levels for writing and 4.4 for reading! Steady growth all year! There were 8 students who grew over 2.5 for both writing and reading! Much love and shouts out to all those students who were able to see their hard work pay off for them!

During my time in grade school and in college, my favorite class was always "English Class". I loved writing papers specially when it gave me an opportunity to show off my creativity in my writing. I didn't always agree with the reading assignments that we were given, but I am glad that I was exposed to so many different writing styles of people.

Public school teachers are held to standards that have to be followed to prepare their students for state tests, college, and real world writing that we use as adults. However, the teachers like Mrs. Bane (formerly Mrs. Ketchum) allowed me some space for my creativity. I can remember her telling me how I am "suppose" to write in order to pass but she still didn't use that to discourage me from thinking outside of the box.

Even though.. I'm still nervous typing this because I know my English teacher is reading it seeing all the mistakes that I made lol...


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