Elementary School... Thoughts, Prayers, & Actions

Elementary School... Thoughts, Prayers, & Actions

It's difficult to talk about a "school shooting" at any school level but specially an "elementary school". Saying the words are even difficult because there is no sense that can be made of it.. at least not in this world. My deepest thoughts and condolences to everyone connected to the situation.

Honestly, I tried to avoid watching any reports of it and I didn't really comment on it yesterday for my own sanity. My wife and I spoke about it briefly and we only talked about the way the media was handling it.

But yesterday, I attended an arts showcase at my son's elementary school with my all 3 of my kids. They're students displayed their artwork throughout the hallways to be viewed as we walked through to see performances by their chorus, cheer squad, step team, and the "Ball Handlers" club which is what my son was a part of.

As I was walking through the halls watching my kids interact with other kids, watching the students performances, and watching the teachers who were mostly there to support the children, it was nearly impossible not to think about the tragedy in Texas.

I can't sit here and type anything that would make sense of it and I won't try to. I don't fully know what causes these type of things to happen so often in our country at a much higher rate than others. I don't know if they are as spontaneous as they seem or not. I'll probably catch a lot of heat for this next statement but, I am also not even totally sure that policy changes within government will completely stop it from happening. All I know for sure is that it's evil and if something can be done to help prevent it from happening again, then it's a must that efforts be put towards whatever can be done.

Thoughts and prayers.. yeah.. but actions speak louder than words...

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