I know... Women's History Month

I know... Women's History Month

I can't sit here and act as if I know enough about Women's History. I can't even honestly say that, prior to seeing it on the calendar, that I even knew March was Women's History Month. But here are some things I do know:

I know that without the women that is my mother, Lidia Williams, I wouldn't even exist. For the 9 months that I spent in her womb, the subsequent months of care she gave after birth to me as an infant, and the guidance and care that she provided through every stage of my life; I wouldn't be anything that I am now without her. 

I know my grandmother Lois Holloway, who I spent a great deal of my childhood with, and who I witnessed standout in a male dominated field as the first female barbershop owner in the state of New Jersey, all while managing and raising a family of multiple generations. Also, my grandmother Maria Degrace, who, along with her husband and their children, immigrated from the Cape Verdean Islands to U.S. and worked her entire life, in the school system as an aid to immigrant students and parents, which happens to be very similar to the job I do in the school system; I wouldn't be anything that I am now without them both.

I know my wife, Jennifer, who I watched transform from a girl I knew in high school into a great mother for our 3 children, by not only giving birth which would have been enough, but also providing care for each of the children in ways I couldn't. Not to mention becoming a great wife, much like her mother, Joanne Wilborn who is one of the greatest examples of a wife I've ever seen.

I know my sister Sakina, who has lived with spinal bifida for over 4 decades, my aunts, my female cousins, my female friends, my female co workers, my female neighbors, and other female acquaintances who I either know personally or cross paths with in some way, and see them walk through this world as women. I also know I have two daughters who will both take that same walk someday even though I wish that time would be slower than it does...

So even though I don't know enough about Women's History Month, what I do know is the specialness of the women that I've mentioned in this blog. I know that the paths that my daughters will walk is being paved by not only these women, but women everywhere who are not just celebrating women's history month, they're writing women's history.

In closing, in the religion of Islam there are many quotes that dignify a women. However, one that sticks out in my head the most is this one:

A man came to the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and asked

"who among all people is most deserving of my fine treatment?" and the answer was "Your mother".

The man asked the question a second time and again the answer was "Your mother"

The man then asked a third time... and yet again, the answer was "Your mother".

On the fourth time asking, the man was told "And then your father".

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