Thank You & Much Love ❤️💙

Thank You & Much Love ❤️💙

The definitions of the word "Rise' are:

Verb - move from a lower position to a higher one; come or go up

Noun - an increase in amount, extent, size, or number

Now let me explain..

My first stage name was "RisingSun" but as I made ways in the music industry, the people I came in contact with shortened it to "Rise". "Rashid" was added later because there was already an artist with the name Rise, and Rashid was the name my father choose when he accepted Islam at 19 years of age. Rashid means "rightly guided" in Arabic and is one of the 99 attributes of GOD.

Rise & Rashid.. put the 2 definitions together.

However, when I was working on the clothing and merch I didn't want it to be so "me-specific". This is the reason why the Signature Collection was created, for the people who were already hardcore supporters of my music career.

But more importantly, I wanted this brand to be accepted by more people than those who listen to my music. Everyone can relate to wanting to rise. Millionaires want billions, the middle class wants to gain more, and anyone who 'started from the bottom' is already programed to rise, seeing as there is nowhere to go but up.

As I am looking at the success that this clothing brand has had in just 2 months, I'm looking at the mix of customers. From white middle class to black upper class, from professional athletes to scholar students, from neighborhood brothers & sisters to the hustlers & 9-9 workers, & from my backyards and hometowns to places in Canada... It's exciting to watch an idea become reality.

This blog post is just to say thank you. Thank you all for seeing and buying into the vision that was once just a thought. Thank you for associating your rise with my upward movement. I pray that each of you reading this continues to move in that direction and see success in all that you do and I thank you for being a part of my success.

Much love,

Rise Rashid

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