Watching Seeds Grow

Watching Seeds Grow

One of the most amazing things you can witness in this world is watching a human being grow. Watching the growth and adaptation of any living thing whether it be a seed to a plant or a baby animal into its full grown self, witnessing the changes they through right before your eyes is nothing short of miraculous! However, when its a seed of your own that grows from a baby to a young adult, there aren't many words to describe it.

My youngest daughter was born in 2006, shortly after my older brother lost his battle to cancer. Anyone who has lost a sibling knows there is nothing that can replace that hole, but my daughter surly helped occupy that space when I needed it the most. We choose her middle name Ammarah, in honor of my brother's widow. The meaning of that name in Arabic is defined as "Eternal beauty". It couldn't be more fitting of a name for my daughter to carry.

Those that knew my late brother Tariq know that he and I looked almost identical even though we were 8 years apart. His daughter is identical to him as is my first daughter identical to me. It's a very distinguished look that has been passed down from my late father and now to my brother's grand child, as his daughter is now a mother so their beauty lives on.

While I've been watching my first born daughter grow I get a kick out of seeing her mannerisms imitate mine. It's not just the distinguished look that passes from parent to child. Even as much as she tries to individualize herself, as most teenage girls do, there are always little things that she just does naturally. I know one day she'll pass on those mannerisms as well as her beauty and I pray that I'm here to witness that grow as well, when it's time.

But what's probably most amazing while you're watching the growth of someone else, is your own growth is still happening. It's an amazing connection that my words could never do any real justice for. I'm just thankful that I am able to witness, appreciate, and understand it.

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