Rise Rashid, is one of the most promising independent hip hop performers today. His mixtape series “Microphone Marley”, “Microphone Jackson”, “Microphone Ali”, “Microphone X”, & “Microphone Jordan” captivated underground listeners from 2013-2018 with pure lyricism, unique storytelling, and creative concepts. The success of these mixtapes put Rise physically in the company of legends like Nas, Lauryn Hill, Ceelo Green, Freeway, and Beanie Sigel as well as helping him gain the respect of heads throughout the hip hop world.

 The 2 EPs that followed, “Five Mics”  & "Love & War" which have guest appearances by Joell Ortiz & Leah Janea continued to help Rise gain momentum in hip hop, along with proving that Rise is also a gifted song writer. His latest most recent album titled “Coach Rise” was released in November of 2021 and features the single "2 Minute Warning" with Chris Clemons, formally of The Houston Rockets, who Rise coached at Millbrook High School in Raleigh, NC. This album pushed the notion even further that Rise Rashid is not just a rapper, “this is an artist from the people of the people” as explained in an interview with The Breakfast Club’s Angela Yee.

The “Coach Rise” album opens the listeners more into the side of Rise that coaches and mentors high school teens. The album talks about the reality of life’s lows and highs on the songs like “Cause & Effect” & “Never Settle” along with celebrating the positive sides of life on songs like “Dancing with a Spanish Jawn” & “Clap 4 Us” which is a song that tells the story of the 2021 4A Basketball State Champions, the Millbrook Wildcats where Rise is an assistant coach.

Rise’s trajectory represents exactly what his name defines. With every new release and next venture he elevates his level of skill along with proving to live the truths that are in his lyrics. His next release titled “Kriol-ish” is the most different of all the projects. Rise, who’s mother is from the Cape Verdean Islands uses the native language of his mother’s country “Kriolu” or “Cape Verdean Creole” and mixes it with his style of rap over infectious afro beats! The album is set to release November 1, 2022 and already has 1 single released titled “Reinha De Kurason (Raina De Corazón) ft. JB Real”.

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  • Track Listing

    1. King of My Own

    2. Peace King

    3. Toxic's Not Popping

    4. In That Mode (Interlude)

    5. Rose Petals

    6. How a King Treats a Queen (Skit)

    7. Most Important Peace (ft. Carl Kent Jr.)

    8. Slow Wind (Rise Rashid & Carl Kent Jr.)

    9. All My Life (Rise Rashid & Barry Lovell)

    10. Behind The Scenes (Skit)

    11. Fix Your Crown (ft. Tonya)

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