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    "King of My Own" is 11 tracks that paint my picture of what it means to rule your own life. Coming up in hip hop and urban culture in general, it's always been popular for many of us to call ourselves "King of..." or "Queen of..". From music to basketball, and fashion to of course the streets, people have always claimed "King of..." 

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  • Track Listing

    1. King of My Own

    2. Peace King

    3. Toxic's Not Popping

    4. In That Mode (Interlude)

    5. Rose Petals

    6. How a King Treats a Queen (Skit)

    7. Most Important Peace (ft. Carl Kent Jr.)

    8. Slow Wind (Rise Rashid & Carl Kent Jr.)

    9. All My Life (Rise Rashid & Barry Lovell)

    10. Behind The Scenes (Skit)

    11. Fix Your Crown (ft. Tonya)

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